Bedtime Snack Attack

This is so sad but I seriously can’t remember a night in a long time where I didn’t have something sweet before going to bed! Whether it’s a piece of cake or a small Pinkberry yogurt from Selfridges, I’m always craving something…But now I’m ready to kick the habit and try something different!  So I found myself in my local organic supermarket, walking up and down the tiny isles I picked something out that looked interesting and also low in calories! I gave it a shot and I have to say I’m totally obsessed!! To be honest, first bite was kinda strange. The texture is mushy and the seeds kind of pop in your mouth, but the second bite is when everything kind of connects! Sweet, full of vanilla flavor and a bit crunchy.  Give it a try, it’s called VANILLA BEAN CHIA POD



2 responses to “Bedtime Snack Attack

  1. Ugh stuck in a cab in NYC for an hour. Nauseous from looking on Instagram and then found out u have a blog and started reading and realized we might be living the same life minus London and 2 kids. Haha I’m a crazy health nut my husband is stuck eating clean (minus alcohol never give that up ever ) and Ive taken over the kitchen it’s great lol so I can’t kick my habit of sweet at night time either so I wanted to share my most favorite desserts with u! Healthy and soooo yummy and low cal low carb send me ur email I will fwd u my recipe. They r so easy to make. Ur kids are absolutely adorable I hope London is treating u well xo

    • Hey Tiffany! It’s so nice to hear from you! Thanks for checking out my blog! I actually enjoy your Instagram pictures and think it’s so great you like to cook for your husband! When I first met my hubby the only time he had tofu was in his miso he prefers it in a lot of home cooked meals!! Its nice to know that i’m not alone on wanting something sweet and unhealthy almost every night haha. I would love if you sent me some healthy low cal recipes to try out. Please email them to London is great but nothing beats living in New York City. Plus, we want our kids around the it’s been hard at times…but we will be back soon! xx

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